Monday, 28 March 2011

To Market, To Market

Saturday 26 March 2011 was my official launch of Maeli's Homemade at the Parap Markets. Such a stressful lead up and set up but once I had figured out that the secret to market stall domination is to sit back and look relaxed/un-interested/not desperate, everything seems to just be A-OK. I made 82 cakes, muffin size and mini size, and I only had about a dozen leftover at the end of the market day. By 12 noon, the icing was oozing off the cakes because it was so hot and I felt embarrassed selling such dismal cakes, but next week I will try to rotate them into the esky more frequently. I also will be buying another table for more space.
The stall setup

All in all, I had a successful day. The government Health people came to audit my stall too (on my first day!) and after some discussion about the fact that buttercream cannot spoil in a way that will give someone food poisoning, I was A-Approved. Lastly, a girl at the markets offered to pay me to make her a replica of the self-made dress I was wearing.. such a compliment.
See you this Saturday at Parap Markets

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