Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Four Birds Cake Review

Today we went to Four Birds, on Smith St Mall in Star Arcade for a morning coffee. I noticed a huge cake on their bench so I thought this is a good opportunity to review one of Darwin's cake shops. Four Birds is one of the most cutest, funky coffee shops in Darwin. I like it for its milk crates with seat cushions outside and minimal shop interior with a few corner seats and nice cushions. Its amazing how the little touches make such a big difference to a coffee shop. It is cool and airy inside the shop and you can sit outside where its warmer but fairly shaded.

My moist and luscious piece of Four Birds Carrot Cake.  
For $4.50 I received a HUGE piece of Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing served in a container in a stamped brown paper bag. I am pleased with the moistness of the cake although it contains pineapple which I wasn't expecting. I would have to say that it is a good quality home made raisin-filled cake and definitely tastes and looks fresh. I am now rather full!

The "Freshness Factor" is a big deal for me in my products to be sold at Maeli's Homemade market stall. I have tasted extra large cupcakes sold at the Mindil Beach Night markets that have amazing looking icing toppings and garnishes but the cake inside tasted like it was made from packet mix. I think my biggest pressure on myself is ensuring that my baked goods stay fresh inside as well as looking appealing to customers. I am worried about the heat melting my buttercream and I know that I cannot have whipped cream or cream cheese toppings. Such a shame. So now I am researching and experimenting with different products and cake covers to see what I can display on a table for about 6 hours at a Saturday morning market.
An example of how I will need to cover my cakes so they don't dry out.
I have bought some cake boxes (fits about 4-6 items) that look really professional and acrylic cake covers like those shown in the photo above. I also bought a 500 pack of white paper packets for an individual item which seem to be too small now that I can experiment with them. I would ultimately like to stamp each packet for advertising purposes but now I'm considering that brown paper packets would look better. Oh the choices and opportunities!

Lastly, I will find out tomorrow from the Parap Market Committee if my market stall application has been accepted and then I can zoom ahead and finally open my stall. Arrivederci !!

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