Thursday, 10 March 2011

Blogging moment # 1

So, in an attempt to start a fantastic blog like Sheryl on, I do endeavor to learn to write in a more "readable", "internet-friendly" manner that will hopefully keep people interested. I can't say that I'm into the whole BLOG thing; it seems a bit Julie and Julia which didn't work out so well for the modern day Julia (ie. her employer was reading her posts). And it kind of seems a bit self-involved, assuming that people actually care about your life happenings enough to read several blog posts. However, I do enjoy the idea of recording my progress in opening my first cake stall at the Parap Markets in Darwin.

Ok, so a bit of a run down on Darwin. NO CAKE SHOPS and NO INDEPENDENT BAKERIES! I'm sorry, there is a Greek Bakery in the suburbs that makes greek sweets like chocolate coated Baklava and vanilla slice but its a shame there isn't more of the sweet here. Sure Darwin is becoming more metropolitan with the young southerners moving up here for jobs (guilty; I immigrated from Brisbane) but the advent of funky little Melbourne coffee shops hasn't quite taken off yet. Likewise with the 4 different markets that are held in Darwin. You'll find a large array of fresh produce and asian cuisine (think laksa, satays and noodle soup) but currently I am lucky that there are only a couple of cake stalls at the markets held in Darwin.

And so appears Maeli's little Niche! A market cake stall and potentially, one day, in another far away place, my own real cake shop with funky furniture and good coffee.

I think I like baking a bit too much. In fact I use it as an excuse because it makes me feel good, relieves stress and hits that sweet craving feeling you get at work about 4pm everyday. I admit I've still got a long way to go in presenting my baked goods professionally, but I can happily say that thanks to my mum and granny being amazing bakers (and sweet tooths), I have the process of ingredient, ingredient, beat, ingredient, stir, ladle, open oven door, wait and eat, down pat pretty well now.

So now is my chance to make the rest of Darwin fat instead of torturing myself into eating most of my cakes/biscuits because my boyfriend and housemates just don't enjoy eating them as often as me. Isn't that weird!!?

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  1. The blog looks great mae mae- i love the colour scheme and all the cute pictures! I can't wait for the adventures of Maeli and her crusade to make a cake stall ! You are so wonderful and brilliant! Love Ruvs xox