Monday, 11 April 2011

New Improvements

Passionfruit Melting Moments for sale at work
Last week I missed the markets because I couldn't get on to the market manager to see if I could have my stall again. Instead, I baked passionfruit melting moments and sold them in the tea room of my office at work. What an easy $32! It was the first time that I piped melting moments so I was pretty impressed.. and so were my work colleagues.

Lemon Merigue Cupcakes for Market Day 2
Blueberry and Walnut Cakes - Not exciting enough for paying customers!
The markets this week consisted of Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, Blueberry and Walnut Cakes, and Hazlenut Chocolate Marble Cakes. Somehow I ended up with way more Blueberry Walnut cakes at the end and these were the most unattractive cakes so they didn't seem to attract attention like a cupcake with buttercream might.
So I have learnt that I must have equal variety of non good-looking and good-looking cakes to attract customers and make sure that I have some left towards the end. The most embarrassing thing is sitting at my stall at the end of the day with 5 dismal cakes on a plate waiting for them to sell. I'm not allowed to pack up before 1:30pm so its hard to sit there with only a few things left that won't sell anyway because it looks so pathetic.!!

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