Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Happy Yess Markets

Hello again.
Two market stalls in two weeks I hear you say! Yes thats right, I am a Machine! Actually, I enlisted the help of two friends for this market as I was one of only two food stalls and its held in the afternoon.. more of a "cake time" of day. We had been pre-warned that cake would be in high demand even though the market is small and community oriented, so I made sure that we had plenty of product. My two friends were amazing help and made the whole thing a lot less stressful, and I could sit back and let them fuss around the cakes and sell them.
I still didn't make much money, but the stall price was cheaper so thats a bonus.

More cake to display.. so much to sell.. not enough people

I'm beginning to think that the Parap markets just don't suit cake. I will endeavor to try out the Nightcliff Markets on a Sunday morning where people are more likely to sit down and relax rather than rush into the market headed directly for the laksa stalls. The Happy Yess markets were cute and friendly so people bought slices of cake and sat down to eat it off a plate. THAT is the vibe I'm going for!

Look at that cake!.. thanks to chef Sally, it sold very fast

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