Monday, 9 May 2011

Another morning

Passionfruit and Raspberry Cupcakes
Gosh, I'm really glad that I don't have to earn my living from selling cakes at the market because it really is not a lucrative business, nor is it easy! Saturday Parap markets were not so busy this weekend and although I had a different spot in the shade, my cakes did not sell very quickly. Consequently, I had at least 15 leftover at the end of the market.. thank goodness for the invention of the "Special" so I could sell the remaining cakes to market stall holders and market stragglers for half price. So for once I actually sold EVERYTHING!

Additionally, this was my last market stall before I go overseas to Europe for a couple of months. And guiltily I was pleased to pack up my stall and take everything out of my car for the last time in what will hopefully be a while.

Lastly I would like to mention my newest idea for a business venture. As some of you know, I would love to open my own 24 hour cake shop like Greens and Co. in Perth.

It has the most amazing casual atmosphere with lanterns and a huge display cabinet full of cakes.. and for some reason it does really well even in the middle of the night. My idea tries to recreate the atmosphere of this cafe but also allow community business to be supported. It would allow people who don't want to have a market stall to sell their wares or don't have the capital to open a shop, to contribute to the food items or clothing, fashion, accessories items available in the store. But at the same time I would be able to bake my cakes as well.

So this is my last post for a while.. I bid thee adieu!

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