Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Recent Cookings at Home

Life has been very busy for a while. Preparing for my sister and Dad's visit was a big task as we took on renovating our entire backyard to make more outdoor space and an extra sleeping area for when guests are staying. The visit was fun and I have to show you a photo of the meringues I made for pavlova dessert one night.. I was very impressed! However, I did have the oven temperature up too high, hence the cracks and colour.
 Last night I made this roasted vegetable lasagne stack. Its so easy to make. Roast some vegies and boil some lasagne sheets and layer them on a plate with pesto and boconcini cheese. Superb!

 And lastly here are my famous/favourite apple shortcakes with soft chewy shortbread base and cinnamon apples on top. I skipped the last step with is a bit of a crumble on top but it still tastes amazing.. and there is so much butter packed into that small little tart!
Also, have a look at Josh's new website for his business: http://www.esmoke.com.au/ We need people to type it into google so it starts coming up in searches.

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