Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wedding Practice

Since I got back from Italy/Greece I have been preparing for my best friend Lauren's big day. And no, not just because I am bridesmaid but also because I am making her a cupcake wedding tower of about 100 cakes when I live in different city. So for 2 and a half months I have been experimenting with fondant and royal icing and watching numerous youtube videos on cake decorating and buying gel icings and modelling tools and shaping foam and all this stuff that I have never heard of before. At times I got so frustrated with stupid fondant or making a rose out of royal icing for patty papers that were so waxed they didnt even stick to the sides of the cupcakes. I think I may have taken on something really HUGE!
Because I am travelling by plane from Darwin to Brisbane for the wedding, I needed to be able to make the cakes prior so that I wasn't so stressed the day before the wedding. I also needed to be able to transport all the decorations I have made so they can be applied to the plain cakes in Brisbane.
Tonight I fly to Brisbane and tomorrow I will decorate 100 cupcakes for the wedding the following day. Wish me luck.
Here are my experimentations.....................!!
My final royal icing roses

My first attempt at a royal icing rose - it stuck to the paper patty paper!

Marbled fondant heart cupcake toppers with royal icing initials

An experiment... until I found out that yellow was not in the wedding colour palette!

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